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Lums Ollieburger recipe variations

I have been getting lots of comments on the Ollieburger spices that I have been selling. I am copying some of them.

Hi Dennis,
Yes I have tried it twice and both times were good. The second time I made a double batch but made the mixture a little thicker, let it stand over night, put one teaspoon per patty in the burger, made the patties and placed them in the sauce to marinate until time to cook them (about 8 hours in this case). My wife does not think they are as great as I do but that is why there is chocolate and vinella.

Mixed up the bun sauce FANTASTIC It's a shame I have one of the few ollies trolleys and I have to get my sauce from Florida lol. Will be ordering more by the end of this week .Will get back with you.
Thanx greg

Dear Dennis,

Back in November I bought some Ollie's seasonings from you. Unfortunately, I've lost the recipes for making the bun sauce and how much seasoning to put in with the meat. Could I trouble you to send me that again please? I promise this time to scan it, copy it, and put it in three places so I can't lose it again.


Janice Hardy

I have since posted the directions for the Ollieburger and Ollie french fry seasoning on this blog.

I have tried Tom's way of adding some spices into the burger meat and then making the Ollie marinade and the Ollie bun sauce and it was great.
I appreciate all comments and will continue to supply the OLLIEBURGER SPICES as long as the good Lord keeps me around.

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Directions for Ollie French Fries
Make sure you have hot fries and sprinkle
Them with the Ollie fry seasoning. We were very generous with the seasoning
On the fries. We use a shaker with large holes. That’s it!
Directions for the Ollie seasonings for the burgers and the bun sauce.
To make the bun sauce
Mix two heaping tablespoon of Ollieburger spices into two cups of thousand dressing
And refrigerate overnight.
To make the Ollie burger seasoning measure out 1/2 cup of seasoning
And add to one and a quarter cup of water. Make sure you use a glass
Or stainless steel container to hold this mixture, no plastic.
Refrigerate at least eight hours.
To make burgers in skillet or a George Forman grill, paint the Ollie blue
Generously on top and bottom of burger and cook to medium or desired
Temperature. On a toasted bun spread the bun toping on both the crown and
Bottom of the bun. Place the burger on the bun and add a slice of
Mozzarella cheese and enjoy your Ollie burger.
This was the way we made them at LUMS. Since talking to people who ate at the
Original OLLIES at Miami Beach. Mix one teaspoon of Ollieburger
Spices to each 1/3 lb of hamburger and let sit for about 20 minutes before grilling
Or cooking. Captain Rick who ate there four times a week stated this way tasted
Like the ORIGINAL OLLIE BURGER. He also stated no bun sauce.
Ollie would throw you out if you put anything on his masterpiece.
I tried his way and it is much easier and taste great. I still like the LUMS' way since I have eaten
Ollie Burgers this way for many years.

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Hi, Welcome to LUMS !

9. August 2009 by admin.
This blog is dedicated to all the people who made LUMS restaurants an icon in the fabric of American eateries.
I also dedicate this site to our own LUMS group in Vermont & upstate New York. Special gratitude to my wife (Ginny) my brother
& chef (Butch) award-winning chef (Conrad) all who are not with us anymore in this world, And to my friend Terry who made it all possible.

How John Y Brown met Ollie Gleichenhaus

How John Y Brown met Ollie Gleichenhaus

19. August 2009 by admin.
At a Kentucky Derby breakfast in the Governor’s mansion nine years ago, a young lawyer with a hunger for riches ran into a courtly old gent with a recipe for fried chicken. The rest is history: John Y. Brown Jr. built an $830 million empire around Colonel Harland Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. Having made his fortune, Brown sold out last year to Heublein Inc., a food and liquor distributor, and went into semi-retirement at age 37. But then he met Ollie Gleichenhaus, who runs a seven-stool hamburger joint in Miami Beach. Now Brown is determined to make him the Colonel Sanders of hamburgers.
Ollie is hardly the patriarchal Kentucky colonel type. A 60-year-old native of
Brooklyn, he looks and sounds more like Archie Bunker’s big brother. But his hamburgers are something else: one-third pound of lean meat seasoned with 32 spices and a special sauce. Gleichenhaus, who insults customers and employees with equal abandon, takes his seasoning seriously; he often chastises patrons who unknowingly ask for ketchup or mustard.Actually, Brown’s discovery of Gleichenhaus was not exactly serendipitous. Brown, the son of a longtime politician, retired from the chicken business in part because he wanted to become the Democratic candidate for Senator from
Kentucky this fall, but then former Republican Governor Louie Nunn was nominated for the Senate, and Brown decided that maybe he would wait until 1974. He needed something to do meanwhile, an activity that would still leave him time for political jobs like organizing the telethon that netted more than $2,000,000 for the Democratic National Committee last month. Last August, accordingly, he bought Lum’s, a 340-outlet beer-and-hot-dog chain, for $4,000,000 in cash.Lum’s franchises lost $150,000 last year—partly, says Brown, because “they did not have very good food. I figured that upgrading it would be my first task.” So Brown recruited a platoon of young executives and told them to scour the country until they found the perfect hamburger.A month later they returned with Gleichenhaus. “I told John I was happy, I don’t need this,” Ollie recalls. “Then he told me he’d make me famous, bigger than the Colonel. He said my name would be in lights, on T shirts and plates, everywhere. He hit me in a weak spot.”Lum’s hired Ollie to train its personnel, and it is now testing Ollie-burgers—at a high 95¢ each—in its
Ohio outlets. Gleichenhaus is not entirely sure that Lum’s countermen can duplicate his masterpiece: “Those yo-yos are looking for a short way to make my burgers, but there’s no way other than the right way.” Even so, Brown intends to go nationwide with Ollie-burgers within a year, and has prepared 63 television commercials featuring Ollie in “an Archie Bunker kind of approach.” The rest may some day be history

Lums menu

LUMS menu

19. August 2009 by admin.
LUMS had a great menu that developed over time. It began with such icons as hotdogs steamed in beer with different toppings, frosty schooners of beer, great roast beef sandwich and french fries served in red plastic baskets with waxed paper underliners. Also on the menu were different burgers and sandwiches, one of my favorites was the tuna melt on an english muffin topped with swiss cheese(because I was always trying to loose weight). Later my good friend
Bob Thoms introduced breakfast menu to LUMS. A lot of breakfast items were served in ceramic skillets. Bob’s background was with International House of Pancakes. The breakfast menu was an instant hit. Then came along the famous OLLIEBURGER and Ollie Gleichenhaus who was already famous in Miami Beach. LUMS added a few different ways to prepare the OLLIEBURGER from the original one Ollie had at Miami Beach. Later Uncle Miltie (Milton Berle) was the spokeman for LUMS and the frosty schooners of beer. The schooners were a real pain because they chipped around the edges when stored in the mug froster. Along the way the salad bar & dinner menu was added to round out the family restaurant concept. Then the next icon from Friedrich Jahn was Wiernerwauld Chicken. This was a great item but it had to be prepared 24 hours ahead of time . Then in the dessert line LUMS added a great Key Lime Pie.
This site sells the original Ollieburger seasonings and the Ollie fry seasoning. Go to to order. We also sell the Wiernerwauld Chicken rub to prep the chickens with and direction to prep the chickens. We have the hotdogs steamed in beer recipe as well as the great roast beef rub and our famous Key Lime Pie recipe that we used at LUMS. All of this can be ordered thru Dennis at